Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Viking skirmishers

I've recently sold Vikings in top 4 pictures but have these below going on ebay soon, just need to get better pictures (pm me if interested)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

English civil war Commision.

This is for a commission for a local hobby shop, "Chester Model Centre.  They want me to do a selection of historical sets with rough themes linked to the History of the city. i,e English Civil war, Romans, etc. 

These are a set of the warlord Cuirassiers,  I've tried to define the horse muscles through subtle blending.  


Next to do, the Cuirassiers.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

English Knights who fought at Agincourt

I enjoyed putting the heraldry on these large 28mls. 

The Lords  from left to right are

Ros,   de Vere,   Le Boteler

 Willoughby, Kyghley, Strickland

 de la Pole,  Robsert, Edward Duke of York,
I used a Mirlton model for the Duke. 

Scope, Epingham, Mowbray.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Agincourt English Knights

These Knights are some Black Tree Design models I got from one of their sales.  I think there are some dynamic poses, I also think their foot knights are the best models in their medieval range. 

The Armour has been washed with a thinned down enamel black wash.  This technique outlines all the detail and highlights anything that shouldn't be there, flash e.t.c, and there does tend to be quite a bit on BTD models.   The method is also easy and quick excluding drying time, though if you want to speed up the drying for the enamel wash, just use a hair dryer.     After the black wash has dried, I  use metallic acrylics, bolt gun metal up too mitheral silver, too highlight the detail on the armour.  After that I block in any areas where the heraldry will go in white, this makes the heraldry nice and bright.   I then base coat any leather or gold parts in a dark brown.   

Because BTD models are on the larger size of 28ml,  there are large areas on which to place the heraldry.   I found the following coat of arms in a Reference book on heraldry, at my local library.

I shall go for the less fussy coat of arms.  I don't try to cram too much on as it tends to obscure the effect. If you wouldn't see the detail unless at point blank, I think its ok to leave it out.  So for example with the Coat of arms for Unfravile,  I will only paint the central Flower device and leave out the smaller ones in the background.

You can see from the knight in the foreground I have painted the black and red quarters, next I will add the different types of crosses for Lord Willoughby's coat of arms.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Yorkist High command

The Perry's war of the Roses York command. The Heraldry is that of Lord  Fauconberg far left, and Salisbury.  Ill try to take a clearer picture.

Ive assembled a few of the foot knights from the archers and billmen boxes as leaders and standard bearers, This will allow me to paint the metalics all at once, but they will be placed in various units.  Looking forward to getting the new plastic foot knights but will have to get busy painting before I can justify another purchase.